Welcome to the research group of Thomas Bennett, at the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge. We focus on the synthesis and characterisation of functional disordered materials. Our aim is to explore the materials space created by the formation of amorphous solids, gels,  liquids and glasses from hybrid materials such as MOFs and hybrid perovskites.

Our work in creating such novel materials is underpinned by advanced characterisation methods such as Pair Distribution Function Analysis, which help us understand the structure of complex non-crystalline materials or composites.

The  materials produced by the group combine the advantages of both glass, and MOF materials families. They have a wide array of multifunctional properties for use in e.g. thermoelectrics, gas separation, drug delivery and ion conduction. At the same time, they possess desirable characteristics from the glass domain, such as mechanical stability, processability and transparency.

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