3 year Research Assistant/Associate (Fixed Term) – New Glass-Based MOF Materials

The post, funded by a Leverhulme Trust research grant, is available for 36 months. The position will ideally start on 6th October 2020, though the current situation regarding the Coronavirus epidemic means that flexibility is of course possible. This also means that interviews will be held via Skype.

This position is for a Post-Doctoral Research Associate to work in Dr. Thomas Douglas Bennett’s research group (https://tdbennettgroup.wordpress.com/), on an ambitious project which looks at creating new composite glass-based materials alongside Professor David Keen (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory). The project will involve both inorganic and hybrid materials synthesis, state of the art characterization and physical properties measurements including gas sorption analysis and nanoindentation.

Qualifications required: Candidates should have a PhD, or should be about to graduate, and have a strong background in Chemistry, Materials Science or a closely related subject.

Experience Criteria: Expertise in the techniques of pair distribution function analysis and/or transmission electron microscopy would be highly desirable. A background knowledge of glasses, and/or metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) is desirable. You will be expected to integrate into a team of ca. 10 PhD and post-doctoral researchers, and be the daily point of contact for a PhD student on a related project. Good interpersonal skills are therefore required, alongside the ability to coordinate your own academic research and administrative activities.

Other responsibilities include: * Working with researchers from different disciplines, both within, and outside of the UK. * Co-ordinating activities with industry partners. * Analysing and interpreting the results of their own research, generating original ideas and leading the production of publications based on these. * Designing and conducting a coherent set of experiments and record their outcome. * Presenting information on research progress and outcomes to internal and external contacts, both academic and industrial.

The successful candidate will have access to state-of-the-art synthesis and characterization facilities, including an electron microscopy suite, FTIR, polymer characterization laboratory and gas sorption equipment.

The advert may be found here:


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