Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) are hybrid materials, consisting of a three-dimensional (3D) network of inorganic metal ions or clusters and organic connecting linkers. They continue to be of great interest across chemistry, physics, engineering and biology. The number of these self-assembled structures, has now surpassed 100,000. Academic interest is often centred upon their porosity and ability to adsorb or separate guest mixtures, with commercial applications emerging (e.g. the prevention of fruit over-ripening and toxic gas storage). Other applications in catalysis, drug delivery, ion conduction, refrigeration technologies and magnetism have been proposed, as a broader understanding of the chemical properties of these materials grows.

In this group, we are concerned both with the crystalline, and the amorphous state of MOFs. In particular for the former we explore the physical properties and behaviour of the crystalline state, alongside potential applications in clean water and air production. Much, much more can be found on this hugely important class of materials here.

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