The Thermal Stability of Metal-Organic Frameworks

Our review ‘The Thermal stability of MOFs’ has just been published in Coordination Chemistry Reviews. This was done as part of an Erskine Teaching Fellowship at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, in 2019. Congratulations to the authors on a beautiful review on a fundamentally unexplored area of MOF Science.


The Thermal Stability of Metal-Organic Frameworks

C. Healy, K. M. Patil, B. H. Wilson,L. Hermanspahn, N. C. Harvey-Reid, B. I. Howard, C. Kleinjan, J. Kolien, F. Payet, S. G. Telfer, P. E. Kruger* and T, D. Bennett*, Coord. Chem. Rev., 2020, 419, 213388

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